Moostaler str: 21 4623 Gunskirchen, Austria
Moostaler str: 21 4623 Gunskirchen, Austria
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    A solution for every problem

    We undertake electrical installations for residential, commercial and industrial customers, including installation bus and lighting technology.

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    Why us?
    What our electricians can do for you:
    • Customer service
    • Maintenance and repair of existing electrical installations
    • Installation and maintenance of electrical systems
    • Complete installation of new systems
    • Kitchen installations
    • Modernization of electrical installations in old buildings
    What We Offer

    No matter how complex your project may seem, due to years of experience, unique expertise and exclusive use of the latest certified technology, we will find the optimal solution for everything.

    The SB team will install and test your EV charging station, facilitate permitting and final inspection, and train you on how to best use your new charger.

    Our professional electrician performs these installations to ensure that the work is being completed to code for the safety and protection of your property and personnel.

    The distribution cabinets are an essential part of the electrical distribution infrastructure. Our comprehensive services cover the entire lifecycle of your electrical distribution equipment, helping you increase productivity while reducing downtime, safety risks, and costs.

    Our Secondary cabinets are expertly designed to provide a secure enclosure for splicing and power distribution within such facilities. We provide high-quality services that exceed expectations.

    Based on the specifics of each client's site, SB custom-designed grounding system will safely channel and dissipate any errant electrical energy, preventing injury and equipment damage. Grounding is a crucial component of modern electrical systems and lightning protection designs.

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