Moostaler str: 21 4623 Gunskirchen, Austria
Moostaler str: 21 4623 Gunskirchen, Austria
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  • Over 15 years of experience
    Experts in electrical engeneering

    Since our founding, SB Elektrotechnik has strived to positively impact the community in which we live and work. Through a culture motivated by performance, expertise and shared responsibility, our team understands and implements its value through responsibility, accountability and pride.

    Our company is built on a "won't work, doesn’t exist" mentality, ensuring our customer’s success.
    SB Elektrotechnik was established on 01.01.2018 and is a continuation of the company BB Elektrotechnik with a long work experience, since 2006. Subsequently, the need arose to establish the company SB Elektrotechnik, which deals with electrical installations for private homes and businesses but not only. Our goal is to serve each customer with a well-trained, courteous, reliable and always trustworthy technician.


    Skilled & Certified Electricians


    Skilled & Certified Electricians

    We are a Qualified & Certified Electrical Company

    We currently employ a team of fully qualified electricians and a number of apprentices. We have been registered with he ECA and therefore all our electricians are JIB registered. Our aim is to keep our services high and our prices very competitive.

    Our Advantages
    Reasons You Should Call Us
    SB Elektrotechnik is your single source for a complete range of high-quality electrical services, including design/build, engineering and maintenance.
    Emergency Services

    Emergency electrician you can trust.

    Free Estimates

    Yes, we offer free estimates for electrical additions or replacements.

    Low Price Guarantee

    We strive to offer the lowest price on the market.

    Do you Need Help
    With Electrical

    Our electrical repair and service options are proudly offered to clients. Give us a call today to schedule a free service estimate!

    Our Team
    Fully Qualified Electricians
    All our personnel operate within an Integrated Management System to ensure the delivery of services that are at an exception level of quality, reliability, and value

    Work with us!